“We have been using Revive on diesels for years, with excellent results, but today we tried it on a gasoline for the first time. We had a 2004 1.6 vauxhall zafira with a light misfire at idle. After having plugs and coils elsewhere we diagnosed sticking valves. With the customer not wanting to spend much on an older car, we decided to give Revive a go.

Misfire cured, throttle response improved and most importantly a happy customer. Many thanks.”

– December 2015

Bill Brockband of Badger 5 Ltd. - VAG Tuning Specialist in the UK

“Pd 150 leon. In for map. Overboots limp mode. Do a Revive diesel cleaning treatment on it and all good after. Nice product which actually works!! Blue plot limp mode caused by opvertboost from sticking vnt.. Revived is the red plot. Logs of requested and actual boost showing the gains in boost control.”

– December 2015

William Cam from France: VW Golf

Thank you to William Cam from France for sending Revive Turbo Cleaner these two photos of his VW Golf’s EGR and Throttle Body after a Revive treatment. He removed them because he had an electronic fault, but he was so impressed with the result that he took the time to send them to us.

“Bonjour, je vous transmet des photo de ma vanne fer et du papillon egr traiter par Revive sur une vw golf 5 2.0l tdi 140 avec 235000km.

Et voici le resultat !!!!!”

– 2015

R&M Audi VW Service Centre - Mansfield, UK

“Just a quick note to say how good your Revive product is, I have used it several times now with a good success rate, it has transformed the vehicles I have used it on. It has also saved one customer a lot of expense by not having to replace the turbo for a sticking vane fault. I will continue using your Revive product and will recommend to all our customers, I will also recommend to use this as a prevention and not just as a cleaning solution. Keep up the good work”

– 2015

Judd McClure - PBD Diesel Performance, LLC, USA: Dodge Ram - Cummings 6.7L

“I applied Revive then looked at the turbo and clearly the Revive product worked. The slide ring was completely clean there was zero soot built up on it at all. It would slide in and out freely, like it was new. It’s clear your product does work and will definitely be using it again on the next one. I will also recommend it to my customers as a “maintenance” product every 20-30k. Thanks for your help!!!!”

– 2015

Autotune, Newcastle-under-lyme, UK

“A Peugeot 1.9 HDI that had been suffering major running issues had been in and out of the main dealer, to a diesel specialist and a Peugeot specialist, had almost every related part changed even twice in some cases, everything failed to remove the DTCs. As a last resort I sprayed some Revive into the inlet side of the turbo and after a short period the vehicle was running nicely again.”

– 2015

Melvyn White, UK: Audi A6

“The car, an Audi A6, has done 102800 miles of, in the main, motorway style driving, giving me on average 51 miles to the gallon. The power and acceleration were fine and the only problem seemed to be a bit of smoke at start up and when I accelerated away at speed.”

After Revive: “Firstly no smoke, starting in the mornings and accelerating away on the motorway are smoke free. The acceleration from 50 – 70 MPH is stronger even carrying a heavy passenger load, you can certainly notice the difference! I have monitored the MPG, not easy to give accurate feedback here on only 1700 miles, but the motorway MPG has increased from 55.2 to 55.4 but the town driving has stayed the same at 38.1 MPG.”

– 2015

Andrew Avis from Greg Tunstall Mechanical near Brisbane, Australia

“As a test of proof as to how well Revive works, Andrew cleaned only one side of a twin EGR system on a Range Rover V8 Turbo Diesel so that he could compare the un-treated (before) and treated (after) sections. After running the Revive through one side only, he then disassembled both sides and took the attached picture for a very revealing ‘before & after’ comparison. Needless to say, he is Revive’s newest (& most enthusiastic) Australian distributor!”

– 2015